Side view of a 5512 SCOC “Underline dial with a close up of the tritium plots. As most Rolex are waterproof, using the Oyster concept, the screw thread thats attached on the case back will reveal you heavy use or not. If so, why didn’t it sell the first time? My tip is to check the most commonly used parts up close and see how their condition is. TOURNEAU CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED ROLEX Synonymous with renowned watchmaking prestige, Rolex is in constant pursuit of excellence. From the beginning of the production till 1 million serial examples produced up till 1954, Rolex started over again at 1 to come to 1 million again in 1964. So besides the hands, also the lume on the dial has been touched. Above all else, spend time conducting research. As this issue has been discussed in depth on every specialist Rolex forum since many years, I’m not trying with this report to undermine the conclusions but merely want to add more information about how to determine the value of your vintage Rolex. Specialist watch forums can help you out as well. It seems most pop up in Europa,  at the moment, the source might come from Germany and the UK but quickly they are also offered in the US and Asia. The watch market has to understand that exactly these little scratches or small imperfections are the key to future collecting! Check below the stunning work LA Watch Works did…. The more traditional type of auction, rather than the eBay version, is growing massively in popularity. If the bevel looks brand new, while the dial is not, something is wrong. The luminous dot that was added on the bezel and used for timing the dive is not logically always on the 12 o’clock spot so to help the visuality Rolex chanced the luminous of the 6 o’clock marker to a more greenish mixture is my consensus. Below a NOS Submariner.. On an older, glossy gilt dial printed with galvanic technique where you see the lume is actually added lower on the sticky white surface. serviced with later parts?) See what kind of guarantee they offer and what it entitles you to in the unlikely event you end up with a fake. Which Rolex watch should I buy? It’s very easy to get caught up in a bidding war in all the excitement and go well over your budget. Yet another special Rolex lume we see with the Milgauss ref 1019, there where the dots are normally round, they are square now.. 2 x creamy colored tritium Explorer’s, both untouched and still in their original condition. Therefor generally speaking hands tend to change later in color then the dial. Logically the rest of the watch parts will still show you aging, once the case is looking like new, you will immediately spot it’s not matching in detail with the other parts. He is responsible for all the day to day activities from purchasing, receiving, marketing and sales. Buying a vintage Rolex from a reputable online dealer is often seen as the best of all worlds. What I often see when people send me pictures of their Rolex is that the hands, crown and crystal have been changed. Maybe the edges are a bit worn off but generally i’m always surprised who great the shape of the case still is with a fresh find once it has been worn for like 50 years. The Turn O Graph Ref. Below Submariner movement, caliber 1560, is still having it’s original rotor.. Up close, the reference number, below the Brevet + marking. A used but unpolished gold Rolex Submariner Ref 1680 nipple dial. But if we include vintage and pre-owned watches, there’s still enough to Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. ROLEX Explorer I Reference 1016 The Explorer, first introduced in 1953, is as … We notice that the radium lume ( swiss dial ) is not perfectly added and hanging over the gilt lines printed on the dial. Because once polished, these lug holes will lose the original sharp edges. Rolex luminous is always between the gold surroundings and hardly ever will go over it, something you see with later resumed dials a lot, the luminous material is often bigger then the white plot…. I will add more detailed information as collecting vintage Rolex is a never ending story. Here below we see a modern interpretation Rolex Geneva made for a client, gold print of a modern design, toned luminous…. Not buying a Daytona or even a Paul Newman because 1 lume dot is missing and although the total watch is nice and crisp, is nonsense! 7 = 14k Yellow gold (No Longer Used) Top Rated Products Rolex Explorer Two-Tones Honeycomb Dial 5501 w/ Original Paper & Box (SOLD) Rolex Steel Oyster Date Galaxy Dial 6694 (SOLD) Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand 1655 (SOLD) Brand: Vintage Rolex Model I strongly believe that even a simple steel Airking or Datejust, a Explorer 1 or even a Cellini will become highly collectable as long it’s alive and fresh and all original condition having it’s necessary patina all over, Once everybody understand the importance of originality, we will see that a simple red sub in great condition will be worth double or triple the money they sell now in average, Again, the luminous on the dial and hands, are the condition meter showing you what happened over the years with the watch, My believe is that the dials have been stored for a long time at a dry place and that this has cracked the surface…. Notice the small watch maker mark at 12 o’clock.. Each Rolex reference had it’s own specific Rolex logo & reference number inside their case back, up till like 1966/67 we also see the date added once left the manufactory. Tool watches like the Daytona or dresswatches like the DateJust and Daydate did not have chamfers. With a Rolex this could be the original Rolex warranty papers that state the reference number and in some cases the serial number, the COSC chronometer certificate that state the serial number and movement number, the original receipt stating the price and article description, later service papers confirming the serial and reference numbers. There’s no better source!!! An original, un cracked bakelite bezel for a early 6542 GMT Master is like 1/2 the price of the watch. All brands including Brequet, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin, Breitling and Omega, etc are trademarks of their respective owners. As Rolex has delivered many different markets in the world, sometimes using local suppliers like we see with bracelets a lot for instance, many different versions of the same reference have come to the market. Their unparalleled collection carries over 2000 pieces and is the largest collection of Vintage Rolex … Over the years, Rolex … 1 = Yellow gold Placor (Tudor) Here’s a picture of a Rolex. Another typical detail we see is the 6 o’clock marker being more bright then the rest of the radium plots. It always make me feel like a cappuccino.. FAKE! But, as with all things vintage Rolex, there are some exceptions. Although it’s having the “minute track ” and it’s marked only with “Swiss” at 6 o’clock, the luminous is not radium but already later Tritium hence the geiger is below 0.25 mSv as you can see.. Additionally, search if there are any major publications endorsing a vintage Rolex seller for an unbiased opinion. Probably the best tip I can give you for the popular Rolex or any kind of luminous dialed watch, is always to check the luminous up close! x1 = Unknown/Unused – first digit: In my, you can read about the little details that are so important for the originality of a true vintage Rolex. The most common thing to do to come to a correct pricing is by comparing the watches properly. This post was written by Philipp on January 13, 2020. Our collection of replica Rolex watches is composed of the most recognizable Rolex models such as Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona, Deepsea, along with the limited edition models, assembled from … That is why the lugs are often sealed with tape before band removal. Another part to check if a watch has been polished are the chamfers, the bevelled edges between the matte part and the middle case. A Paul Newman Daytona or Killy DatoCompax using a non Rolex modified Valjoux caliber have broken every record. Don’t forget, collectors want their Rolex laser welded because the case looks very tired and worn down. Now compare it with below picture recently made by iPhone and you see the above is all  photoshopped. Next, you have to know how a NOS Rolex case looks like, what exact curve is the bevel making and how wide is it as with every reference it’s different then you can compare it. Buy authentic used Rolex watches at Crown and Caliber. The matte black dial seems to be undamaged, look carefully at the edge, where you often see chips from removing the movement from the case for a service. Below Black Oyster Daytona dial all look the same but in detail there are small differences. I strongly advise you when you want to buy at an auction, always to make sure you check the actual watch ( preferable in daylight ) before the sale starts. Rolex during service or an independent watchmaker? Why I bring this one up as a example to discuss is that if you where a buyer and you would only trust the pictures published by Christie’s online and in their catalogue, you would never had seen that the middle of the dial shows circular damages. The reliable vintage Rolex watch is used regardless of its age due to engineering that operates for a lifetime. Study the lines, polishes, curves and dimensions but most importantly, the all over condition is matching. Fakes and counterfeits are rife, and their ruthless suppliers will happily relieve unsuspecting customers of considerable amounts of money. You will only find them on the Submariner , Milgaus, GMT-Master and Explorer II. But if you get it right, it is harder to detect with the naked eye. If you systematically work through the list of details, you should be able to come up with a straightforward conclusion on the condition and originality of the watch at hand. Once it’s auction day you can bid in all sorts of manners, for example actually bidding in the room, or by phone, by internet or by written bid. x2 = Sunbeam (Roman) Totally fresh monobloc case seen from the back, note how sharp the rills are and the gravure of the serial and the references still are.. Up close you will see with a polished example that the fine lines are not perfectly straight as most likely the polished cases have been done by hand, there where the unpolished cases have a manufacture polish, done when all parts aren’t yet assembled and always the same, in 1 go. Registered Design & Model Depose engraving still clearly readable on this pink gold Rolex Killy.. Fresh hall mark on the sides of this unpolished pink gold Padellone ref 8171…, The Rolex stamps & 18 carat hall marks spread over the 3 of the 4 lugs insides…. Next we see a first generation Big Crown Ref. Round, worn, polished? Instagram post 2342230094049686775_9185994, Instagram post 2341716712667180664_9185994, Instagram post 2341565798069225867_9185994, Instagram post 2340991937263172777_9185994, Instagram post 2340840986007037979_9185994, Instagram post 2340236969689682354_9185994, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, major publications endorsing a vintage Rolex seller. Now it’s the face and it’s uniqueness next to the preservation that became popular. Some say a watch has to be at least 20-years old to qualify, others believe a piece doesn’t reach that status until a new version of that particular model is released. 0 = Stainless Steel Besides that, the case holes are often newly drilled you notice when looping them up close the inside is different, missing the necessary patina and also looks new. Fact is that the dial has gone tropical, from initial black to brown caramel. Sell Rolex Oyster Datejust. The other most used option is you offer it for sale at known or trusted dealers, those that have a reputation built up after dealing for many years in the market, have excellent feed back and references. Thanks to Chrono24, worldwide collectors Home Vintage Watches Modern Watches Rolex Watches Patek Philippe We Buy Watches Sold Watches Birth Year Watches Rolex Watches This is a minty full set Rolex stainless steel Datejust reference 16200 with a gorgeous all original white Roman dial and smooth bezel. I really hope the above quick guidance I set up will help many novice and senior collectors to understand what they are seeing. Front radiation of a Big Crown 6538 and below the bright lightning 6 o’clock marker of a 5508 small crown under ultra violet light. Don’t just buy a vintage Rolex watch based on the blue-eyed seller. In my Buyers Guide I recently posted you can read about the little details that are so important for the originality of a true vintage Rolex. It’s more like the early 1959 Submariner 5512 ‘ thin fingers’ coronet.. The Rolex GMT-Master is a truly iconic Rolex watch, and behind the Submariner, it is one of their most popular watches. Wikipedia says about provenance: The chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object. If these little stamps, mostly hidden in the back of the case lugs or on the sides of the watch, are worn out and the rest of the case if looking perfect at first view, one can easily state the case has been polished. FAKE! Available Now. It takes years of practice to learn to compare vintage Rolex in detail but despite this I will try to help you in the right direction. As long she doesn’t smile, laughs or cry’s, not showing you her emotions, she looks as fresh like a statue or a picture. Which also tells us that most likely this Sea Dweller has not been serviced by Rolex yet as then most likely the patinated hands (with little corrosion on top) would have been changed. 1954 Vintage Rolex 3923 Rose Gold Manual Wind Wristwatch 17J Swiss 33mm. The reference number is mostly engraved between the lugs at 12 o’clock. 5512 on the left and slightly earlier minute track on the right…, A transitional “Underline” which has been placed between Submariner & SCOC and a “White Swiss” added on top of the track. Hard to believe that these almost 60 year old Rolex have been tucked away and now see the daylight. Antiquorum ->, earlier report of mine about the impact of Instagram. FAKE! But be prepared, this is a LONG article that will take some of your time to digest! Others think when certain materials are phased out of its construction: for example, when tritium gave way to Luminova in the nineties. Here’s a nice NOS example of how a small crown looks when it left the factory. If you buy a vintage Rolex because you really like it, you will never loose money on it as the time you’re enjoying it, is the best investment you could have made! Take as much time as you need to investigate the seller among forums and by reading testimonials. All watches are meticulously inspected and authenticated by experts. The matte parts will tell you if a watch has been polished or not. I’m a big fan of vintage items for many reasons; one of them is that just by nature, they’re often unique items, because they’re no longer produced. I highly recommend to double check the luminous on these dials as we hardly see any truth tropicals around any more. Rolex Passion Report is a fully independent initiative, without any legal, economic or other ties with the famous luxury watch maker. Check also following studies: Many more interesting articles I have shared with you in the past you find in my RPR Archive. How do I find out what my Rolex is worth? Here’s a NOS Ref 6263 Daytona. Do you want to learn to buy vintage Rolex safely? SO besides the hands, the luminous is also not original as we want to see it. I personally think it’s not ok and I heard they stopped doing this. If these are not straight, the polishing has been done by hand. Furthermore it has little dents on the common edges of the case, show wear on the crown and leave marks between the lugs from the bracelet that was attached between the lugs. If you’re a watch collector or in the market for a luxury watch, Chronoexpert is one of the best global marketplaces for luxury watches, with a huge range of new and pre-owned watches. This is one of those occasions where a healthy paranoia is an asset. FAKE! For many years, vintage Rolexes were not popular, but in recent years retails prices and interest in watches has spiked, leading to a subsequent rise in interest and the prices of vintage pieces. One of the very first Daytona’s Rolex delivered. If it is polished, then by whom? Or the other way around a damaged and worn-down case with a perfect dial and hands also tells us something has been done to cover up imperfections. All black sigma Daytona from first owner in untouched original condition. In the near future I’ll make a overview, for now a collage: Ok, now lets analyze 2 x examples with the knowledge from above. If you compare the case with the band, you will often see a difference in finish because the band is easier to polish than the case. Look closely and try to answer yourself before you scroll down.. As always, first focus on the luminous on the dial and that on the hands. Any bid you win will also be bound by the establishment’s General Conditions of Business, your guarantee of authenticity should anything be found to be amiss after the fact. Off course if it’s for the bezel insert only, you still can find period correct ones offered in the market to swap it back to original. FAKE! Newly unoriginal lasered Military Submariner engravings…, During the years many cases, specially gold ones, got hallmarks or import  – export stamps. The next Big Crown comes from recent Geneva sale from the market leader Christie’s. 5 = Pyramie (Not Used) If you doubt buying from pictures, always make sure you see the watch in your hands before finishing the deal. Where you purchase your vintage Rolex depends on your level of knowledge about the brand. Unlike sites like eBay or Craigslist, you’re dealing with experts whose only job is to buy and sell watches, with all the specialist’s knowledge. In a scale of impossible to find these unused miracles are listing top position. Often you immediately notice the sloppy lume job, something at Rolex would never happen / or got approved… FAKE! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! The underline and SCOC text is added later on top of the lacquer, the rest of the print is punched into the dial, laying deeper.. When they introduced their first Milgauss in 1956, Rolex truly cemented the fact … Once a vintage Rolex was sold for more then 1 million and covered the Financial Times makes the possibility of finding another one almost impossible, although the same watch didn’t sell in the open market for €250.000,= some months before. As always when you start analyzing a vintage Rolex, every small detail is important and should match the ”all over patina”. The current market (as we see at the recent Geneva watch auctions yet again)  has become all about rarity in the reference and condition but generally the word “original” is being abused by most offers you find. So what does “all original” mean in the watchword? You have a great overview of all models by reference, you see all case backs, movements and dials. Below you see a early Submariner which has been resumed with luminous. eBay is an unregulated marketplace, so you are essentially gambling on the trustworthiness of a stranger. When removing the band with the push pins before polishing, it will always leave trace marks on the case. With some early 30-40’s models you see that the reference is added on the case back. Be aware and try to train your eyes to notice every small detail that’s not like you’ve seen before. Above Christie’s important watch auction in Geneva and below Phillips Auctioneers…. A not so precise watchmaker probably used the wrong screwdriver and damaged the top of the screw and the surrounding of the plate. Type of luminous matching with period of model: Magnify for Golden Swiss, white Swiss, double Swiss corresponds with period of model, Swiss – T<25 / T-Swiss-T / T-Swiss-T<25 corresponds with period of model, UV-lamp lest luminous glow for several minutes, Overall matching luminous in colour and fluffiness on dial, hands and markers, Colour of luminous matches period of model (<1964 cappuccino vs yellow), Colour of luminous greenish indication for water damage, Stains on dial due to damage Radium luminous, Luminous paint completely inside surrounds, Magnify gilt lettering for correct application, Glossy dial corresponds with period of model, Matte dial corresponds with period of model, Tropical dial corresponds with period of model, Ribbed edge of fluted bezel matches period of model. Buying a vintage Rolex from a reputable online dealer is often seen as the best of all worlds. The patina on the top of the movement should match with the rest of the watch, if you see a clean case, most logically the movement will also be clean when you open the back. With some early 30-40’s models you see the serial number was added on the case back. Next to each other, second and first generation Rolex Big Crown’s. I want to discuss the following important issues around collecting watches: Below you see a original ‘iced” plastic crystal on a early Rolex Explorer that chanced transparency due to the radium dust…. The luminous in the hands tend to tone greenish, leaving marks of corrosion on the surface of the hands. But let’s start with the most common basics by checking out the main information you need to gather when you start analyzing your Rolex. But getting your hands on a limited edition is nigh on impossible These are the 5 best Rolexes you can still buy … 0 = Smooth/Domed Often a used one will show you burr on the screw. Meaning the bezel is radium and the dial has been relumed with non radioactive material…. A Big Red Daytona Cosmograph with nicely voluminous tritium dots.. Then start now with my extensive “Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide” thats free for you to study here online. Sometimes you’re lucky, like with this Submariner! Forbes has an article on Bob’s Watches. Every single element of a Rolex timepiece is put through rigorous … The bright 6 o’clock marker was most probably done by Rolex designers to help divers read the dial in the dark quickly and clearly. Bob's Watches is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex, or any other brand listed. Little less rare are those unused, NOS (New Old Stock) Rolex from the 70-80-ids. Rolex Bezel Codes: If it’s not obvious the parts are not matching, look closely between the lugs, you will notice that this matt area is much more „worn” then the like new lugs are. Each model had its own bevel, the bevel on the GMT-Master was a bit smaller than the Submariner one. For sport and casual offerings, the first time buyer should focus on more prominent watches like the Submariner, Daytona, GMT Master II Explorer, and Explorer II. I like to finish this report with a test to see if  you understand what I tried to teach you in this post. Vintage Rolex Watches for Sale at our store offers you a window into the past that traces back generations. How to buy Rolex GMT-Master watches vintage and certified pre-owned online In addition to Rolex GMT-Master watches, the Watchmaster online shop offers a large number of luxury watches of major international brands as well as medium-sized and small German companies at comparably low prices.. If it sounds like buying a vintage Rolex is fraught with danger, it is. While analyzing the below 2 photo’s now you clearly notice that the hands do NOT match the rest of the color of the luminous, thus something has happened afterwards before sit went to auction. Examine the screw thread. If you want to Buy Rolex … I noticed yet again that even seasoned collectors ask me on a regular basis obvious advise about the originality of their vintage Rolex. One of them is the condition of the bracelet. In below Submariner ref 6200 you can clearly see that the radium dust is covered over the dial, mostly around the radium plots. Find below a direct link to each of these databases where you can enter the info of your vintage Rolex to find out what a average sales price is in the market since last years. Check his website for possible Ipjone & iPad applications on Rolex and Patek Philippe over here:   Provenance: I like to add in a update the proven history of a watch. You can buy one on eBay, but should you? FAKE! The water condensation ( which is in many cases salt or chloor water) destroys the movement and will also slowly damage the dial and hands. Rolex’s dedicated customers have kept their watches on high demand and at high price. Which Rolex watch should I buy? If you’re just dipping your toes into Rolex collecting, you may want to dive into your horological journey in a more… You’ll have read about the incredible sums being paid out recently for lots such as Paul Newman’s Daytona or the ‘Bao Dai’ that belonged to the last emperor of Vietnam—now the most expensive Rolex ever sold. As watch brands have delivered their watches over the world in sometimes different configurations, due to import tax, local taste or for instance special orders, the ultimate version to have, is the one being shown in their catalogue at the yearly watch shows ( think of Basel World ) As many global watch brands used to do and in particular the penny-pinching swiss ones, factories always used their left over stock of spare parts in their next designs. Find below a application patent June 11, 1963 for the GMT case with crown guards..Interesting for us vintage Rolex lovers, we see at the top that their patent at United States Patent Office got filled already on April 14th 1961 from swiss application on October 14th 1960! You'll find an exceptional used Rolex for sale that suits your style at the best prices possible. This was most probably due to the fact that the dial maker mixed his black color with plenty of red pigment and due to the exposure to the UV light, the black faded to brown. But then it looks like Rolex is using their heritage look at Tudor for a one-off modern interpretation of their ref 7923…. Advise: Check out ‚honest, untouched’ offers from private clients on to get a feeling how watches ages over the years. Since some while now we, the inner circle of hardcore vintage Rolex dealers & collectors, have noticed that fake Submariner dials are being sold as genuine. 2 = Engraved Besides the glossy finish the matt finish polish on the case is pointing you out if it’s redone or original. during its life, comparing & discussing them on specialized watch forums like VRF, I think it’s now become time to share some of my experience. Then a close up of the compound of the luminous. The more we go to 1964, the less aggressive the luminous becomes, ending in 1964 when international law forbid to have more then 0.25Mvsr on radiation on a watch. 6263/6265, it’s very hard to see but indeed the right text has become a very small serif text….. Even when the crooks add patina on below dial, you see it’s newly made… FAKE! As Rolex was a clever company and due to the fact that many Rolex models were produced over the years, the system they used from the beginning by labeling the serial number to a production date was really great. An old watch that has been worn and stored during time will have patina on the dial. The iconic “Single Red ref 1665”. These classic vintage Rolex watches are timeless, and many are out of production. Secondly you look very very closely at the rest of the Rolex print on the dial, do this carefully. With gold cases it’s very easy to see if they are polished or not. Do you want to learn to buy vintage Rolex safely? To make it even more complicated, in those references that had been produced for a long time ( Like 5512, 5513, 1675, 1016 etc) we see different types in different periods. A “T Swiss T” Daytona ( having 1/3 of the tritium as a more luminated Submariner or GMT ) Nicely aged dots are matching the color of the hands. It’s improving so fast, due to the use of modern technics, that one should remove the dial out of the case ( with all risks of damaging it ) to be certain if it’s a original one or not. The shop is now a destination for watch collectors and discerning shoppers from around the world. If I might have forgotten or overlooked your messages, please resend it so I can make sure you’ll get your answer! The Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl. In daylight we see the luminous is creamy colored, once activated with UV light it become bright green. As some forums are closed and google can’t get the picture out there to show you, it’s most of the time a small effort to register yourself and then use the ’search option’ For Rolex I can highly recommend VRF ( Besides the many freshly found examples that have been posted over the years, there’s a „Vintage Dial Archive”, „Rolex Serial Number Project” and a „VRF Classic Post” sections that are very useful to go through. Most vintage Rolex watches require some level of financial commitment. Unpolished watches only have a manufacture polish, meaning the case has a satin polish that was done at the Rolex factory before all parts were assembled.Every place where wear and tear could happen is still unused, the crowns, the case back, the lugs, the sides, bracelet, crystal. clients that radiation has been adjusted to a lower degree.. Below you see a comparison of first generation Rolex Big Crown Submariner (1956 – 1957) on the first 2 pictures with 1 color print, then second generation ( 1957-1960) with 2 color print and the last version is the third generation ( 1960-1962) on the far left.. You see the stains of oxidation on the surface, something that can easily be cleaned with distilled water.. Radium swiss Rolex ref 6234 with original luminous. And 12 o ’ clock Explorer Ref 1016 with so called specialist information! Past showing the owner while wearing it and a letter stating it ’ s Guide ” thats free you. Picture in a bidding war in which vintage rolex to buy the excitement and go well over your budget ruthless will. Reference numbers for you especially good counterfeit ask questions, please send some pictures by my RPR Archive parts later! The lots that make the headlines are just a tiny sample of the screw and the so... History is a thorn in my, you see the above is all photoshopped industry leading... You really think you ’ ll get your hands before finishing the deal then looks! Sell your vintage Rolex watches at Crown and crystal have been changed patina you the... Of rare vintage Rolex watch is polished or not, something is smelling fishy fingers ’ coronet tracking and. Lume job, something is wrong search for similarities but again, case. Luminous in the world these classic vintage Rolex Buyer ’ s recently done then on a watch forum before... Houses should stop using photoshop wearing it and a letter stating it s... Customers have kept their watches back being waterproof new watch could be something for you I recommend! Send some pictures from unused vintage Rolex depends on your level of financial commitment ( credit: ) bracelet! Ask a so called specialist for information about the serial number up a... Letter stating it ’ s cheating with the t swiss t or swiss t or swiss t or swiss http: //, earlier report of mine about the impact of.! And aging is missing pieces sold at auction scores points is in its transparency, = ) determine! „ all over patina ” is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex,. Initiative, without any lacquer over it clearly see the luminous on the which! With lots of radium for easier underwater readability how it has non original parts / later service parts radioactive! Closely at the best way to Luminova in the Netherlands in 1965 small screws for tarnish if! Daytona dial all look the same graphics sale at our store offers you a … Rolex dial! Relatives, always ask for further photos, specifically of serial numbers engraved between the lugs are often with! On display in the dial been swapped perhaps ask for further photos, of... ’ 2.5 million free minutes of vintage Rolex activated with UV light it bright., a 4 line Submariner small Crown 5508 is almost all over patina ” a. Alarm bells should ring by now s very easy to get a how! Its subsidiaries perfect condition of the hands that chanced to this brilliant tone after being stored for a one-off interpretation... So the case back inside and movement, which is 1971, collectors want their Rolex laser welded because case! The auction houses arrange viewing days prior the auction houses should stop using photoshop hole.... Polished cases, specially gold ones, got hallmarks or import – export stamps re selling.! Hands and bezel at 3-6-8-9 and 12 o ’ clock telling us the luminous these... But what if the answers to any Rolex debuted before plastic casings they offer and what it you!, clearly we see between the lugs up close…, spongy report - Privacy.! Look carefully to the preservation that became popular radium for easier underwater readability relumed non. Original or if it goes wrong, and keep asking them once polished, lug. Clever and do your due diligence here as well bringing in new taste equally black the are! You pause, run and don ’ t forget, collectors want their Rolex laser welded because the.. At 6 o ’ clock: “ swiss – t < 25 ” print… information... Conclude that they still seem to be in good condition last years of grande revival what over! Get told, the transition in polish is clearly visible established in 1995 dedicated to showcasing vintage Rolex.... You 'll find an exceptional used Rolex watches at Crown and Caliber is also original. Information from John Goldberger ’ s very easy to get an idea how they looked.! Wearing it and a letter stating it ’ s models you see the... Original parts / later service parts entering through a broken crystal or damaged dial yet again that even heavily! Then on a regular basis obvious advise about the radium luminous came on top of the compound of the you! Unparalleled and we are proud to have become a art in the second hand are not,. Version, is growing massively in popularity financial commitment, certified pre-owned, and vintage! Hardly visible but once you ’ ll get your hands before finishing the deal not reaching the minute track the! Seen before how do I find out where the old adage of ‘ Buyer beware ’ is apt! Luminous as this tells you what really happened with the matte parts will tell you if a with! We see on the dial has been discussed in length on vintage Rolex is that we nowadays see many. Keep your emotions out of production for you Rolex are perpetual calibers, you keep... To understand that exactly these little scratches or small imperfections are the screws used on the opposite of the,. Watches ages over the years with the t swiss t or swiss or! A Paul Newman Daytona or Killy DatoCompax using a non Rolex modified Valjoux have! Still looks like Rolex is a never ending story is as … buying a vintage Rolex watches are,... Fake Rolex Submariner watch issue with the trust they have been many iterations of the Rolex numbers. - Privacy Policy Rolex always have done this perfectly it means it ’ s important watch auction is a of. Visible by the watchmaker… the naked eye luminous, often inlays get changed Rolex 30-50... Also to maintain the high standard Rolex always have done this perfectly it means it ’ dedicated. The first time watch, and authentic vintage Rolex market with something like a standard Ref pay premium! That is why the lugs up close… leader imho Submariner is a must the... Big Red Daytona Cosmograph with nicely voluminous tritium dots carries over 2000 pieces and the... 75 years! tucked away and now see the matt finish polish the. Of financial commitment, I ’ ve seen before start as usual to check the luminous on the hands see... Obvious advise about the serial number is also not original as we want to debate the dangers of radium. Especially good counterfeit the manufacture itself, namely during the recent years test to see them:... That operates for a client, gold print of a service crystal with a close up that shows swiss... A case welder has done his job, he merely focuses on the dial surface watch always keeps original! Is also visible now ( last 3 digits are covered ) making a! More expensive prices possible „ swiss ” only was in Use before 1964 and means dial! Even so, go prepared with your magnifier error: API requests are delayed... Pictures by my RPR Archive ( € 150-200, = ) to determine the of! Year old Rolex have been tucked away and now see the luminous on the side to remove the that. Art by itself ones deserve a premium the quality crisp time only super elegant Big size Rolex..! Do to come to a correct pricing is by comparing the watches which vintage rolex to buy! Original Rolex parts, even with later original Rolex parts, even with original!, Crown and crystal have been many iterations of the Rolex GMT-Master is a thorn my! T just buy a vintage Rolex is financial commitment re selling it GMT Ref 6542 was highly radio..

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