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SimCorder Soft is visualisation & utility software for the ProSens line.


SimCorder Soft communicates with external instruments using the RS‑485 interface with the Modbus RTU protocol and reads measurement data from the above devices. A computer may be connected directly to the network of instruments or via the internet. In case of the latter, an RS-485 Ethernet converter is necessary. This software enables sound and visual alerts (e.g. in case the temperature is too high in the cooler, excessive humidity, insufficient flow etc.). The system can be configured so that each alert evokes a particular response of selected signalling modules. Any changes in the device settings as well as reading of measurements is completed remotely at one station.


SimCorder Soft, install version
SimCorder Soft manual
SimCorder Soft brochure



S-Config 2 is free software used for configuring the ProSens line.


The software is used for a simultaneous detection of instruments in multiple Modbus RTU networks and provides users with a possibility of changing the configuration. There is a list of registers presented for each detected device. The registers can be modified by users. The lists also include additional information concerning device parameters, such as: type, address, baud rate, etc.


S-Config, install version
S-Config 2 Quick Guide