ProSens as CO detector

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ProSens as CO detector

Post by ella » 12 Jul 2017, 19:21

Is there ProSens version, equipped with CO detector?

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Re: ProSens as CO detector

Post by prosens » 25 Jan 2018, 11:59

Dear Customer,
Thank you for the inquiry. At the moment we don't have dedicated CO sensor which could work with the ProSens devices. The devices are very universal though and due to it's multipurpose design it is possible to connect any external CO sensor with e.g. 4÷20 mA output to the universal input in the ProSens. After that, proper scaling provides proper density shown on the display.
We are working at the project of implementing other types of the dedicated probes, however no types or terms are known yet.
Best regards,
ProSens Technical Specialist
Maciej Mitura

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