Monitoring of temperature and humidity with ProSens in the printing house

One of the possible applications of environmental parameter gauges of the ProSens line is the monitoring of air temperature and humidity in a printing house. Keeping these parameters at a proper level is of key importance to the printing process and the storage of printing materials.

What has been used in the application to monitor 10 rooms is the QM-212 model in two different versions:
QM-212-00-0-2-0-00-0-10-3-2 equipped with an integrated temperature probe,
QM-212-00-0-3-0-00-1-10-3-3 equipped with an integrated temperature and humidity probe, and a local display.

In the rooms used permanently by printing machine operators, the model with a display has been applied, which facilitates direct controlling of temperature and humidity. In the other rooms, including storage rooms, the models without a display have been applied. All the devices have been connected to a PC by means of one RS-485 line.

SimCorder NETWORK software is used to present and register aggregate measurements. Current and historical data coming from all measurement points is available locally or remotely via the Internet. In the event of exceeding the measurement threshold value, the maintenance service will receive an SMS notification informing them on the occurrence of an alarm condition, which enables a quick response.

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