ProSens in food industry


In the food production, it is very important to maintain proper environmental parameters. Controllers require data to be recorded over a long periods of time, and it is important for the user to have a convenient preview of the current values.

One example of the use of ProSens line meters in the food industry is the monitoring of air temperature in poultry slaughterhouses. There are three models of meters in the application:

QM-211-00-0-2-0-00-0-10-3-2 with an integrated temperature probe – placed in rarely occupied areas, e.g. cold rooms, where only temperature measurement is important,

QM-211-00-0-3-0-00-1-10-3-3 with an integrated temperature probe and display – for temperature monitoring with simultaneous presentation of the result,

QM-100-00-0-1-0-00-1-10-3-3 with a universal measuring input to which an external temperature sensor in the form of a skewer is connected, used for temperature measurement in the product.

SimCorder software is used to present measurements – current and historical data are available via a computer. The ProSens line meters therefore allow for a wide variety of temperature measurements to be carried out with a single series of meters, so you only need to familiarize yourself with the operation procedure of only one type of devices.

Each of the ProSens line meters can be offered with or without a display. We have, therefore, the possibility of placing measuring points in the required places with the simultaneous presentation of measured values only where it is necessary.


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